Leadership Position Overviews

NACADA Leadership Position Overviews

Below are links to overviews of the Leadership positions within NACADA. The information found at these sites will assist you in becoming more familiar with the role and responsibilities of these positions. We encourage you to review this information and consider the possibility of becoming a candidate for a position in the next NACADA Leadership elections. For more information on the NACADA Leadership and organizational structure in general, please see the links at the bottom of this page.


Regional Division

  • Region Chair Overview (includes overviews of non-elected Region Steering Committee, Region Conference Chair and Region Conference Committee responsililities)

Commission and Interest Group Division

Administrative Division

Board of Directors



Advisory Board Chair — (Administrative Division)

Interest Group Chair Overview — (Commission and Interest Group Division)

For additional information on the NACADA Leadership and organizational structure in general, please visit the following pages on the NACADA web site.

Organizational Directory www.nacada.ksu.edu/AboutNACADA/orgdir.htm

Organizational Chart www.nacada.ksu.edu/AboutNACADA/orgstr.htm

Leadership Information www.nacada.ksu.edu/Leadership/index.htm

Leadership Election Information www.nacada.ksu.edu/Election/index.htm

NACADA Strategic Plan www.nacada.ksu.edu/Leadership/stratplan.htm

NACADA Diversity Statement

NACADA values diversity within our leadership in regard to institutional type, size, and employment position as well as diversity in regard to ethnicity, gender identity, age, culture, and sexual orientation.