Leadership Nomination Information

General Election Information

  • Board of Directors — 3 positions available, 3-year term each (October 2017-October 2020)
  • President* (one-year term, October 2017-October 2018) - The only eligible nominees for this position in this election are: Amy Sannes, Patricia Griffin, Shannon Lynn Burton, Karen Archambault, Kerry Kincanon and Michael "Brody" Broshears.
  • Vice President* (one-year term, October 2017-October 2018) - The only eligible nominees for this position in this election are: Amy Sannes, Patricia Griffin,Shannon Lynn Burton, Karen Archambault, Kerry Kincanon and Michael "Brody" Broshears.

*NOTE: Per NACADA by-laws, the positions of President and Vice President will be elected by the membership from a slate of eligible Board of Directors members continuing their current terms. Additional nominees will not be solicited nor accepted.

DIVISION REPRESENTATIVES: (must have prior experience as a Chair of a sub-unit within the respective Division)

  • Commission & Interest Group Division Representative (elected, 2-year term: October 2017-October 2019)

REGION CHAIRS: (term: October 2017-October 2019)

  • Region 1 - Northeast
  • Region 3 - Mid-South
  • Region 5 - Great Lakes
  • Region 7 - South Central
  • Region 9 - Pacific

COMMISSION CHAIRS: (term, October 2017-October 2019)

  • Advising Adult Learners 
  • Advising Business Majors
  • Advising Education Majors
  • Advising Graduate and Professional Students
  • Advising Student Athletes
  • Advising Training and Development
  • Global Engagement
  • Liberal Arts Advisors
  • Technology in Advising      
  • Theory and Philosophy of Advising
  • Two-Year Colleges         

STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRS: (term, October 2017-October 2019)

  • Awards
  • Diversity
  • Professional Development 
  • Sustainable Leadership


NOTE: Prior experience means 'has completed a full term prior to taking office'.  All candidates must be current General Members of NACADA. Associate Members (employed outside of nonprofit higher education institutions) are not eligible for elected positions of leadership within the Association.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS — Board members are elected by the general membership and serve to direct the association through development and implementation of the strategic plan and the management of association resources.  Board members must have prior experience as a Chair of a Division level sub-unit (region, committee, commission). Board members serve staggered three-year terms. Obligations include attendance at mid-year and Fall Board Meetings and participation in other Board meetings and teleconferences as called by the President.

DIVISION REPRESENTATIVES — Elected Division Representatives direct and lead the sub-units of their Division, and are elected by the Chairs whom they will represent within the Division.  They are supported by an additional Division Rep who is appointed by the President, and serves an alternate 2-year term (overlapping vs. concurrent).  All Division Reps serve on the NACADA Council. Division Reps must have prior experience as a Chair of a sub-unit within the respective Division.  Division Reps attend the meetings of the Division and the Council scheduled around the NACADA Annual Conference, a mid-year Council meeting, and teleconferences. The Administrative Division Rep must have previously served a full term as a Standing Committee Chair or Advisory Board Chair. The Commission & Interest Group Division Rep must have previously served a full term as a Commission Chair. The Regional Division Rep must have previously served a full term as a Region Chair.

REGION CHAIRS — Region Chairs are elected by their regional members and represent members of their specific region by bringing concerns of the region to the Division, informing the region of initiatives of the Association, facilitating communication within the region, and coordinating regional activities. Region Chairs attend Division meetings scheduled with the NACADA Annual Conference and lead regional meetings during regional conferences and during the Annual Conference. Region Chairs must be members of their region for at least one year prior to taking office.

COMMISSION CHAIRS — Commission Chairs are elected by their Commission members and provide leadership for Commission activities in support of the profession by representing the members of that group and their needs and concerns through the Division Reps and communicating with the members throughout the year. Commission Chairs coordinate commission activities and lead Commission meetings during the Annual Conference. Candidates must have completed the previous year as a member in the Commission prior to taking office and be a current member in that group.

STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRS — Standing Committee Chairs are elected by their respective Committee members and provide leadership for Committee activities that focus on Association operations and are advisory to the Board of Directors. Committee Chairs represent the needs and concerns of that committee through the Administrative Division Reps. Committee Chairs coordinate committee activities and lead Committee meetings during the Annual Conference. Candidates must have completed a full term as a member of the Committee prior to taking office.

Continuing NACADA Leaders for 2018-2019:

Amy Sannes,
Arizona State University, 2018
Patricia Griffin, Fort Hays State University, 2018
Shannon Lynne Burton, Michigan State University, 2018
Karen Archambault,  Rowan College at Burlington County, 2019
Michael "Brody" Broshears, University of Southern Indiana, 2019
Kerry Kincanon, Oregon State University, 2019

DIVISION REPRESENTATIVES (terms ending October 2018):
Administrative Division –Elected: Cecilia Olivares, University of Memphis
Regional Division –Elected: Nicole Kent, Oregon State University
Commission & Interest Group Division –Appointed: Rebecca Cofer, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

REGION CHAIRS (terms ending October 2018):
Region 2: Karen Lewis, University of Maryland-College Park
Region 4: Brad BlitzGeorgia State University
Region 6: Troy Schmidt, Minnesota State University-Moorhead
Region 8: Kerry Thomas, Oregon State University
Region 10: Kelly Medley, Arizona State University

COMMISSION CHAIRS (terms ending October 2018):
Advising Administration: Cornelius Gilbert, Northern Illinois University
Advising High Achieving Students: Kristy Spear, University of Florida
Advising Students with Disabilities: Erika Velarde, Florida Atlantic University
Advising Transfer Students: Amber Kargol, Iowa State University
Assessment of Advising: Meredith Dean, Virginia Commonwealth University
Distance Education Advising: Lindsey Byrd, University of West Florida
Faculty Advising:  Calley Stevens Taylor, Cedar Crest College
LGBTQA Advising and Advocacy: Craig McGill, Florida International University
Multicultural Concerns:  Claudine Turner, University of Central Florida
Peer Advising & Mentoring: Lisa Yamin, Virginia Commonwealth University
STEM Advising: Stephanie Kraft-Terry, University of Hawaii-Manoa
Small Colleges & Universities: Wiona Porath, Siena Heights University
Undecided & Exploratory Students: Amy Treboni, Ohio State University

STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRS (terms ending October 2018):
Finance: Lisa Peck, Western Connecticut State University
Research:  Sarah Champlin-Scharff, Harvard University
Global Initiatives: Oscar Van den Wijngaard, University College Maastricht
Membership: David Marchesani, University of Northern Iowa