Executive Office Staff

Charlie Nutt

Executive Director 785-532-5742

Maxine Coffey

Associate Director for Administration 785-532-5227
Jennifer Joslin (email)
Associate Director for Content Development 785-532-7836
Wendy Troxel (email)                                            Director, Center for Excellence and Research in Academic Advising and Student Success

Roberta 'Bobbie' Flaherty

Executive Director Emeritus  

Marsha Miller

Assistant Director-Resources & Services: author support 785-532-5285

Peggy Goe  (e-mail)

Comptroller, investments, leadership support 785-532-3398

Rhonda Baker  (e-mail)

Assistant Director: Annual and International Conferences 785-532-7818

Diane Matteson  (e-mail)

Assistant Director: Regional Division liaison, Region Conferences and Region Web development 785-532-7816
Leigh Cunningham Assistant Director-Strategic Initiatives: Webinars, Academic Advising Today; Pocket Guides, liaison for Professional Development Committee, Diversity Committee, Emerging Leader Program 785-532-7723
Farrah Turner  (e-mail) Special Programs Coordinator: Annual and International Conferences 785-532-7247

Bev Martin  (email)

Marketing Manager: publications sales and membership marketing, mailing lists, promotional items, and annual conference exhibits 785-532-7819

Gary Cunningham

IT Systems Manager: Web site/network administrator, software and desktop support, database support 785-532-0658
Elisa Shaffer  (e-mail) Program Manager: NACADA/NCAA Partnership Initiative, Commission and IG Division liaison 785-532-0941
Michele Holaday  (e-mail) Program Manager: Marketing, Social Media, Monthly Highlights 785-532-7168

Jennifer Rush  (e-mail)

Program Manager: Summer Institutes, Administrators' Institute, Assessment Institute, Winter Seminar 785-532-7817
Cathy Swartz (email) Program Manager: Academic Advising Consultant and Speaker Service, Annual Awards Program, Leadership Elections and Leader Support 785-532-2774
Pam VanderPol (e-mail) Accounts Receivable and Collections Manager 785-532-7247
Dayna Kuhlman  (e-mail) Program Assistant: Conferences and Institutes 785-532-2981
Cara Wohler  (e-mail) Office Manager: Student coordination, office systems management, member communications 785-532-5717



Graduate Assistants

Undergraduate Student Assistants

  • Hannah Vu
  • Jackson Andre
  • Jonathan Burden
  • Mitch Saffle
  • Shannon Caffrey
  • Tabitha Stumma

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