Assessment Institute Advisory Board

The Assessment Institute Advisory Board oversees the annual Assessment Institute, which provides NACADA members with a toolbox for understanding the assessment process. Board members identify opportunities to enhance this NACADA activity based on assessment points for this institute that encompass feedback from participants, faculty, Executive Office, and the members of the Advisory Board.

Current Chair


Tomarra Adams, University of Louisville

The Chair of the Advisory Board facilitates the work of the group by:

  • Working with the Executive Office staff on issues that need attention or discussion.
  • Facilitating Advisory Board discussion on issues via email and/or conference calls.
  • Facilitating Advisory Board meetings during the Annual Conference.
  • Working with the Executive Office and the President on appointment of new members each year.
  • Providing written reports to the Board of Directors at least twice annually.


Tomarra Adams, Chair, University of Louisville (2015-2017)

Rich Robbins, Bucknell University (2014-2016)

Kathy Zarges, Kent State University (2014-2016)

Toby Spiegel, California Southern University (2015-2017)

Daniel Chandler, Brigham Young University (2015-2017)

Ahmad Sims, Lincoln University (2015-2017)

Annie Carlson Welch, North Carolina State University (2015-2017)

Jennifer Hodges, New Mexico State University – Las Cruces (2016-2018)

Kathy Zarges (extending term), Kent State University (2016-2018)

Tanya Scott, Wake Technical Community College (2016-2018)

Charlie NuttExecutive Office Liaison

Jennifer RushExecutive Office Liaison