Awards Committee

The Awards Committee coordinates the distribution of information, solicitation of nominations, selection of recipients, and the awards presentations of all NACADA awards including Pacesetter, Virginia Gordon, Service to NACADA, Leading Light, Outstanding Advising, Outstanding New Advisor, Outstanding Programs, Advising Technology Innovations, various Event Scholarships and NACADA Scholarships, Student Research, and Retiree Recognition.

The award recipients are selected as follow:

  1. Primary Role, Faculty, Administrator, New Advisor, and Program Awards: selected by subcommittees with members chosen to represent all NACADA regions and appointed for 1-2 years terms.
  2. Service to NACADA, Virginia Gordon and Pacesetter Awards: selected by the Council
  3. Advising Technology Innovation Awards: selected by the Advising Technology Innovation Awards selection sub-committee.
  4. Student Research Awards: selected by the Research Committee.
  5. NACADA Scholarship and Summer Institute Scholarship Recipients: selected by separate Scholarship selection sub-committees.


Current Committee Chair

Cynthia Pascal, Chair, Northern Virginia Community College


Cynthia Pascal, Chair, Member-At-Large, Northern Virginia Community College (2015-2017)
Karen Lewis, Past Chair, University of Maryland-College Park (2015-2017)

Sarah Champlin-Scharff, Research Committee Chair, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (2014-2016)
Katie McFaddin, Technology Innovation Awards Selection Sub-Committee Chair, Brandeis University, (2014-2016)
Kathy Earwood, Summer Institute Scholarship Selection Sub-Committee Chair, Georgia Institute of Technology (2012-2016)
Jeremy Thomas, Scholarship Selection Sub-Commitee Chair, Blinn College (2014-2016)
Pamela Stephens, Member-At-Large, Fairmont State University (2011-2016)
Jennifer McCaul, Member-At-Large, Grand Valley State University (2014-2016)
Kate Morgan, Member-At-Large, Longwood University, (2014-2016)
Alex Kunkle, Member-At-Large, Western Oregon University, (2014-2016)
Kat McGrath, Member-At-Large, Excelsior College, (2014-2016)
Brandan Lowden, Member-At-Large (2016-2018) *incoming
Sherrie Jensen, Member-At Large (2016-2018) *incoming
Luke Garton, Member-At-Large, University of Tennessee (2016-2018)

Farrah Turner, NACADA Executive Office Liaison