Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees the financial operations of the Association and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on funding of Association activities. The Finance Committee also recommends policies and procedures regarding income and expenditures of Association funds.


The Finance Committee reviews the annual budget for compliance with policies, suggests modifications to submitters, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors as needed.

Current Committee Chair

Steve Viveiros, Wheaton College

The Chair of the Committee facilitates the work of the group by:

  • Appointing new members to the committee annually
  • Coordinating the various activities of the committee and communicating with members via the committee listserv
  • Leading committee meetings during the Annual Conference
  • Attending Division Leadership meeting at the Annual Conference
  • Submitting a post-conference Leadership report in the fall in which goals are established for the committee and activities planned for the coming year, indicating their relation to the specific missions in the NACADA Strategic Plan
  • Submitting an annual Leadership report in the summer to advise the Council and Board of the status of the completion of goals established and activities planned for the committee over the past year in relation to the NACADA missions and strategies.


Steve Viveiros, Chair, Wheaton College (2014-2016)

Brett McFarlane, Immediate Past Chair, University of California, Davis (2014-2016)

David Spight, Ex Officio, NACADA President, University of Texas at Austin (2015-2016)

Dana Zahorik, Ex Officio, NACADA Vice President, Fox Valley Technical College (2015-2016)

Lisa Peck, Past Council Member, Western Connecticut State University (2013-2016)

Anna Chow, Member at Large, Washington State University (2014-2016)

Mark Taylor, Member at Large, University of Kentucky (2014-2016)

Amanda Hodges, Member at Large, (2015-2017)

Deb Dotterer, Region Chair, Michigan State University (2015-2017)

Wiona Porath, Member at Large, Siena Heights University (2015-2017)

Bruce Norris, Member at Large, West Chester University of Pennsylvania (2015-2017)

Amy Sannes, Past Region Chair, Arizona State University (2016-2018)

Janet Spence, Past Council Member, University of Louisville (2016-2018)

Chrissy Davis Jones, Member at Large, Spokane Falls Community College (2016-2018)

Charlie Nutt, NACADA Executive Office Liaison