Global Initiatives Committee

The Committee on Global Initiatives assists with the recruitment, retention and support of international academic advising professionals through developing and implementing strategies and activities. The Committee will work in partnership with the EO and other committees. The committee will assist the EO in determining professional development opportunities for our global members, which may include but are not limited to research, publications, webcasts, symposiums, institutes, and conferences. The Committee will assist, if needed, in the planning and implementing of the opportunities.

Current Committee Chair

Karen Sullivan-Vance, Western Oregon University


Catherine Mann, University of Melbourne, Australia  (2013-2016)

Elma Atic, Qatar University, Qatar (2013-2016)

Oscar Van den Wijngaard, University College Maastricht, the Netherlands (2013-2016)

Randy Rummery, Red River College, Canada (2014-2016)

Efrosini Hortis, the American College, Greece (2014-2016)

EunJeong Kim, Yonsei University, Korea (2014-2016)

Maria del Pilar Auniga Chiriboga, Universidad Del Norte, Colombia (2014-2016)

Sayaka Oeda, International Christian University, Tokyo (2014-2016)

Mehvash Ali, American University of Sharjah, Sharjah (2016-2018)

Susan Corner, University of Victoria, Canada (2016-2018)

Emily Foster, University of Hull, United Kingdom (2016-2018)

Wal Warmington, Birmingham City University, United Kingdom (2016-2018)

Karen Lawrence, Victoria University, Australia (2016-2018)

Penny Robinson, United Kingdom (2016-2018)

Denise Malloy, Montana State University, United States (2016-2018)

Yisi Zhan, Tsinghua University, Beijing (2016-2018)