Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee


The Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee will build and retain membership through effective recruitment activities – with specific focus on prospective members and new members during the first two-years of NACADA membership – as well as reviewing and recommending policies, procedures, and strategies for maintaining and enhancing membership.
The Committee will serve NACADA through:

  • Fostering prospective members knowledge and involvement with the academic advising profession and the association
  • Connecting new members with the association in both the first and second year of membership
  • Working with the NACADA Leadership and the Executive Office to review, recommend, and develop general policies, procedures, and strategies for recruiting and enhancing the membership of the association.

Current Committee Chair

David Marchesani, University of Northern Iowa

The Committee Chair will serve two-year term and is elected by committee members. The Past-Chair will serve for one year after her/his term has ended.  The Chair of the Committee will:

  • Appoint new members to the committee annually
  • Coordinate the activities of the committee and communicate with members via the committee listserv
  • Submit agenda for Annual Conference meeting, lead committee meeting, and submit minutes from Annual Conference meeting.
  • Serve as representative / liaison to Sustainable Leadership Committee
  • Submit a post-conference Leadership report in the fall in which goals are established for the committee and activities planned for the coming year, indicating their relation to the specific missions in the NACADA Strategic Plan
  • Submit an annual Leadership report in the summer to advise the Council and Board of the status of the completion of goals established and activities planned for the committee over the past year in relation to the NACADA missions and strategies.




Region 1
Stephanie Fernandez
University of Massachusetts-Boston
(1st term - 2013-2016)
(2nd term - 2016-2018)

Region 2
Paula Dollarhide
Stockton University
(1st term - 2013-2017)
Region 3
Pamela Stephens
Fairmont State University
(1st term - 2013-2016)
(2nd term - 2016-2018)
Region 4
Tyna Adams
The Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham
(1st term - 2015-2017)
Region 5
Ebony Green
Wayne State University
(1st term - 2014-2016)
(2nd term - 2016-2018)
Region 6
David Marchesani, Chair
University of Northern Iowa
(Chair - 2014-2018)

Yvonne Halden
University of Manitoba
(1st term - 2015-2017)

Region 7
Angelica Barrera
Texas State University-San Marcos
(1st term - 2013-2016)
(2nd term - 2016-2018)

Region 8
Jo-Ann Stewart, Int'l. Rep.
Yukon College
(1st term - 2012-2014;
(2nd term - 2014-2017)
Region 9
Dina Bartoloni
Chapman University
(1st term - 2013-2016)
(2nd term - 2016-2018)
Region 10
Sherrie Jensen, Past-Chair
Weber State University

Debbi Murphy
Weber State University-Davis
(1st term - 2013-2017)

Executive Office Liaisons

Charlie Nutt, NACADA Executive Director
Bev Martin, NACADA Marketing Manager