Professional Development Committee

2015 PDC meeting
The Professional Development Committee:
  • reviews the professional development activities of the Association and recommends new initiatives.
  • identifies the professional development needs of the membership and recommends methods for addressing those needs.
  • works with the Regions and Commission Chairs in cultivating opportunities for professional development to both current and prospective audiences (Policy Number: AD – 09).

The PDC works collaboratively with the Webinar Advisory Board and the Publications Advisory Board to identify gaps in resources and publications.

The PDC works collaboratively with the Summer and Winter Institutes Advisory Board and the Annual Conference Advisory Board to identify gaps in events and event curricula.

PDC members serve a two-year term and meet yearly at the NACADA annual conference. Those interested in becoming a member should contact the PDC Chair.

Executive Office Liaison: Leigh Cunningham

Current Committee Chair2015 Terri Farr

Teri Farr, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign


Chair (2015-2017), Teri Farr, University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign (2012-2017)
Immediate Past Chair (2013-2015), Sam Murdock, Texas A&M University (2011-2017)
Advisor Training and Development Commission Chair, Rebecca Hapes, Texas A&M University (2015-2017)
Past Commission Chair, Kathy Davis, Missouri State University (2016-2018)
Past Region Chair, Deb Dotterer, Michigan State University (2016-2018)
Past Board of Directors or Council Member, Kathy Stockwell, (retired) Fox Valley Technical College (2015-2017)
International Perspective Seat, Mehvash Ali, American University of Sharjah (2015-2017)
Member-at-Large, Bonnie Bustos-Rios, Texas A&M (2014-2017)
Member-at-Large, Ashley Clark, University of Texas at Austin (2015-2017)
Member-at-Large, Theresa HitchcockUniversity of Louisville (2015-2017)
Member-at-Large, Dan Turner, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2015-2017)
Member-at-Large, Sara Ackerson, Washington State University (2016-2018)
Member-at-Large, Kyle Ross, Eastern Washington University (2016-2018)
Member-at-Large (Special Project 2016-2017), Erin Justyna, Texas Tech University (Past Commission Chair, 2014-2016)
NACADA Executive Office Liaison, Leigh Cunningham