Publications Advisory Board

Mission: The Publications Advisory Board (PAB) oversees the recommendation of topics to offer NACADA members a wide variety of high quality print-based materials that provide professional development and promote and advance the field of advising in the larger academic community.

Function: PAB members review and comment on current (but older) print-based materials as well as review proposals for new publications. Most reviews occur between February and July. The PAB also advises the Executive Office on advising topics that could benefit from print-based materials. 

Membership: The PAB is composed of current NACADA members who read and/or write for NACADA publications.  Members serve a two-year term and meet yearly at the NACADA annual conference. Those interested in becoming a member should contact the PAB chair.  


Current Chair

Bob Hurt, California State Polytechnic Univ-Pomona

The Chair of the Advisory Board facilitates the work of the group by:

  • Working with the Executive Office staff on issues that need attention or discussion.
  • Facilitating Advisory Board discussion on issues via email and/or conference calls.
  • Facilitating Advisory Board meetings during the Annual Conference.
  • Working with the Executive Office and the President on appointment of new members each year.
  • Providing written reports to the Board of Directors at least twice annually. 


Bob Hurt, California State Polytechnic Univ-Pomona, chair (2014-2016; 2016-2018)

Jeanette Wong, Past Chair, Azusa Pacific University (2014-2016; 2016-2018)

Karen Archambault, Rowan College at Burlington County (2014-2016; 2016-2018)

LaDonna Bridges, Framingham State University (2016-2018)

Susan Campbell, NACADA Journal co-editor (2016 - 2019), Northeastern University 

Patrick Cate, Plymouth State University (2016-2018)

Chrissy Davis Jones, Spokane Falls Community College (2015-2017)

Susan Fread, Lehigh Carbon Community College (2014-2016; 2016-2018)

Peter Hagen, Stockton University (2015-2017)

Melissa Johnson, University of Florida (2015-2017)

Peggy Jordan, Oklahoma City Community College (2014-2016)

Gayle Juneau-Butler, University of Nevada Las Vegas (2014-2016; 2016-2018)

Shanai Lechtenberg, Linfield College (2015-2017)

Joseph Lynch, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2014-2016)

Holly Martin, Notre Dame University (2015-2017)

Craig McGill, Florida International University (2015-2017)

Maura Reynolds, retired from Hope College (2014-2016) 

Rich Robbins, NACADA Journal co-editor, Bucknell University (2012-2016) 

Leigh Shaffer, NACADA Journal co-editor, retired West Chester University (2012-2016) 

George Steele, retired Ohio State University system (2014-2016; 2016-2018) 

Wendy Troxel, NACADA Journal co-editor (2016-2019), Illinois State University

Janie Valdes, Florida International University (2014-2016)

Julie Givans Voller, Phoenix College (2015-2017)

Sandra Waters, Old Dominion University (2014-2016; 2016-2018)

Damian Whitney, Washington University (2016-2018)

Marsha Miller,  Executive Office Liaison

Leigh Cunningham, ex officio, NACADA Executive Office






Peggy Jordan, Immediate Past Chair, Oklahoma City Community College