Research Committee

The NACADA Research Committee promotes conditions that advance the body of knowledge within the field of academic advising. In order to accomplish this, the Research Committee:

  1. Communicates the value of scholarly inquiry, promotes its use in enhancing advising practice, and supports efforts to conduct new research;
  2. Encourages scholarly inquiry that addresses contemporary and emerging issues in academic advising and higher education from a wide variety of perspectives and methodologies;
  3. Promotes conditions that empower advisors as contributors of knowledge.

The committee:

  1. monitors the status of research being conducted and published in the field.
  2. communicates the value of research and promotes it within the Association to those actively pursuing or beginning active pursuit of research related to academic advising.
  3. provides technical support and guidance to those conducting research or desiring to conduct research related to academic advising.
  4. solicits and reviews applications for NACADA Research Grants and makes recommendations on awarding those grants (Policy Number AD-10).

Committee members serve a two-year term and meet yearly at the NACADA annual conference. Those interested in becoming a member should contact the committee Chair.

NACADA Executive Office Liaison: ‚ÄčLeigh Cunningham

Sarah Champlin-Scharff.jpgCurrent Committee Chair 

Sarah Champlin-Scharff, Harvard University

Committee Members

Sarah Champlin-Scharff, Chair (2016-2018), Harvard University (2010-2018), Region 1
Susan Campbell, Northeastern University (2013-2017), Region 1
Janet Schulenberg, Penn State University (2006-2018), Region 2
Del Schwab, Penn State University (2014-2018), Region 2
Julie Traxler, Rutgers State University-New Brunswick (2011-2017), Region 2
Helen Mulhern Halasz, University of South Carolina (2015-2017), Region 3
Melissa Johnson, University of Florida (2013-2017), Region 4
Craig McGill, Florida International University (2016-2018), Region 4
Arian Adducchio, Sinclair Community College (2015-2017), Region 5
Shannon Burton, Michigan State University (2011-2017), Region 5
Drew Puroway, University of St Thomas (2014-2018), Region 6
Kristan Venegas, University of Southern California (2015-2017), Region 9
Liz Morningstar, California State University San Marcos (2014-2018), Region 9
Leigh Cunningham, NACADA Executive Office Liaison
Wendy Troxel, Director, NACADA Research Center (ad hoc)

Research-Related Information

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Research Related Questions: The Research Committee seeks to help NACADA members complete their advising research. Address research related questions to the Committee's Research Registry listserv

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