Technology Advisory Board

The charge of the Technology Committee is to address technology development within NACADA itself (as part of the Administrative Division). The committee focuses on guiding the NACADA organization itself in a similar way that other Administrative Division committees focus on the furtherance of NACADA’s goals within the organization. For example, the Multicultural Commission focuses on issues of advising and student success of students, the Diversity Committee focuses on association issues.

Current Chair

Paul R Cox, University of Iowa 

The Chair of the Advisory Board facilitates the work of the group by:

  • Appointing new members to the board annually
  • Coordinating the various activities of the board and communicating with members via the committee listserv
  • Leading board meetings during the Annual Conference
  • Attending Division Leadership meeting at the Annual Conference
  • Submitting a post-conference Leadership report in the fall in which goals are established for the committee and activities planned for the coming year, indicating their relation to the specific missions in the NACADA Strategic Plan
  • Submitting an annual Leadership report in the summer to advise the Council and Board of the status of the completion of goals established and activities planned for the committee over the past year in relation to the NACADA missions and strategies.



Paul R Cox, Chair, University of Iowa (2014-2016)

Clay Schwenn, University of Washington (2014-2016)

Brian Buckwald, Hunter College-CUNY (2014-2016)

Greg Sobie, University of Manitoba  (2014-2016)

Sarah Howard, Ohio State University- Newark (2015-2017)

Vatchara (Oak) Vichaikul, University of Nevada-Las Vegas (2015-2017)

John Sauter, Niagara University (2015-2017)

Michele Holaday, NACADA Executive Office Liaison

Gary Cunningham, NACADA Executive Office Liaison

Jennifer Joslin, NACADA Executive Office Liaison