Webinar Advisory Board

The initial charge of the Webinar Advisory Board (WAB) was to assist the Executive Office with development and coordination of a process for submission, recruitment, review, and selection of topics for online programs. WAB members continue to assist the Executive Office with development of the annual Web Event series topics, recommend presenters for webinars, review participant evaluations, make recommendations for changes or improvements in the process or the delivery, and oversee or facilitate the content review for specific Web Events when needed.  

Members serve a two-year term and meet online throughout the year. Those interested in becoming a member should contact the WAB Chair or the Executive Office Web Event Producer, Leigh Cunningham.

Current ChairJP Regalado.jpg

JP Regalado, Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi


JP Regalado, Chair (2015-2017), Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi (2015-2017)
Yvonne Halden, Immediate Past Chair (2013-2015), University of Manitoba-Canada (2010-2017)
Rebecca Hapes, Advisor Training and Development Commission Chair, Texas A&M University (2015-2017)
Sarah Howard, Ohio State University-Newark (2014-2016), continuing as Technology in Advising Commission Chair (2015-2017)
Jill Geisler Wheeler, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville (2014-2018)
Cynthia Pascal, Northern Virginia Community College (2014-2018)
Derek Furukawa, University of Nevada-Reno (2015-2017)
Jan Adams, Tyler Junior College (2015-2017)
Maureen Schafer, University of Iowa (2015-2017)
Kerry Thomas, Oregon State University (2015-2018)
Cathy Mathweg, Marian University-Wisconsin (2016-2018)
Leigh Cunningham, Web Event Producer, Executive Office
Elisa Shaffer, Web Event Production Assistant, Executive Office 
Gary Cunningham, NACADA IT Manager, Executive Office