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Helping Students Clarify their Dreams: Advising the Foreclosed Student (DW72)

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016
1:00 - 2:00 p.m. Central Time


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Webinar Overview

In a 2001 NACADA Journal article, "It's What I have Always Wanted To Do." Advising the Foreclosure Student, Shaffer & Zalewski noted that current literature in education and psychology uses the term foreclosure to refer to students “with unexplored yet confident and committed future plans” (p.62).  In their 2015 contribution to the NACADA Clearinghouse of Academic Advising Resources, Courageous Conversations: Advising the Foreclosed Student, Kyle Ross and Olga Salinas explained that “foreclosed students are identified as such because they have bound themselves to a single choice with very limited research into their interests, strengths, and abilities or of program and career options.”  At the 2015 NACADA Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Kyle Ross and Anna Brown drew a large audience and received outstanding evaluations for their presentation, I Just Want to Help People: Advising the Foreclosed Student, and were encouraged by participants to continue the conversation on this topic.

Kyle, Olga, and Anna, joined by colleague Jose Ramos, will now bring the conversation to the Webinar venue.  As they will explain, a student's major is a significant part of their identity.  When students are not succeeding in their major, advisors often have the responsibility of talking with them about changing.  Foreclosed students, who are deeply invested in their program of study but chose that major without exploring other options, will likely be resistant and defensive when told they are not succeeding.  How do advisors have this conversation without killing the dream? 

Kyle, Olga, Anna, and Jose will address how to recognize the “foreclosed” student and how to have the difficult conversation of redefining their academic path so that they can still achieve “dream” career goals, such as “helping others” and “saving the world.”  They will focus on two different points in a student’s academic career: (1) in the first year, when there are signs of initial academic difficulty and (2) in the third year or beyond, when they are not accepted into their desired program.  They will discuss how to recognize when a student is foreclosed on a major and/or career choice based on subtle cues or statements behind why they are pursuing that major/career. They will share practical tools and techniques that are grounded in student identity theory, motivational interviewing, and career development theory.


Kyle Ross, Retention Specialist, Eastern Washington University

Kyle Ross advises first-generation students during their first and second years at EWU.  Prior to moving to EWU, Kyle was an advisor at Washington State University, working primarily with students who were exploring majors. 

Since becoming a NACADA member, Kyle has served as the Chair of the Commission on Undecided and Exploratory Students, and  he has presented at several NACADA regional and annual conferences on advising foreclosed students.  At the 2014 NACADA Annual Conference and the 2015 Region 8 Conference, Kyle presented with Olga Salinas a session titled Courageous Conversations: Transitioning from One Caring Profession to Another, which led to their NACADA Clearinghouse article, Courageous Conversations: Advising the Foreclosed Student.  He also presented with Anna Brown at the 2015 Annual Conference, I Just Want to Help People: Advising the Foreclosed Student.

Kyle is pursuing his EdD in Educational Leadership, emphasizing Higher Education, through WSU.  His research interests include equity in higher education, advising administration, and incorporating counseling techniques into advising practices with various populations.

Anna Brown, Undergraduate Academic Coordinator, Speech and Hearing Sciences, Washington State University

Anna Brown is in her 3rd full year at Washington State University (WSU), a tier-1 research institution, in the department of Speech and Hearing Sciences in the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine.  Prior to working at WSU, Anna worked for nearly 10 years at Eastern Washington University (EWU), a regionally based university that serves a high percentage of first-generation, low-income students from all over rural Washington. At EWU, Anna worked primarily for TRiO Student Support Services (SSS), a federally funded program that works with first-generation and/or low-income students. As an advisor with SSS, Anna not only learned about and adapted best practices for supporting first-generation college students, but also in holistically advising freshmen and sophomore students in general.

In her 10+ years working in the trenches with students, Anna has developed a passion for helping students navigate the exciting and often challenging path of purposeful major/career selection. She finds motivational Interviewing (MI) to be the perfect tool to help students with this journey. Anna had the opportunity to present with Kyle Ross at the 2015 NACADA Annual Conference in Las Vegas regarding the foreclosed student and how to use MI as one tool in helping this particular type of student with changing their major to achieve success. “I Just Want to Help People’: Advising the Foreclosed Student was a success and it inspired Anna to continue to develop and strengthen her own use of MI in her everyday advising practices.

Olga Salinas, Advisor, Advising and Academic Enhancement, Boise State University

Olga Salinas has assisted students in competitive and capped enrollment programs, including Nursing, Teacher Education, and professional-technical fields, for over twenty years, during which time she has also as an instructor for health related fields academic and career planning.  She is familiar with student and institutional concerns in admission and retention.  Olga has presented at regional and annual NACADA conferences, co-authored articles for Academic Advising Today and the NACADA Clearinghouse, and she currently serves as a reviewer for Academic Advising Today.  Olga is the recipient of a NACADA Outstanding Advising Certificate of Merit, as well as the Provost’s Excellence in Advising Award at her institution.

Jose E. Ramos. Jr., Associate Director, Center for Major Exploration (CME), Old Dominion University

Jose E. Ramos Jr. began working in ODU’s Center for Major Exploration as an Academic Advisor/Instructor in June 2005 and became the Associate Director in 2011.  Jose also co-chairs the Old Dominion University Advising Network (ODAN).  As a member of NACADA for over 10 years, he has been involved in many different capacities, including presenting at a number of state, regional, and annual conferences. He has served on the NACADA Diversity Committee and the Sustainable Leadership Committee, and as a member of the steering committee for his Region conference. He is a member of the NACADA Emerging Leadership Class of 2014-2016. 
Jose earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico and a Masters of Education in Counseling from Old Dominion University.  He also holds a certification from NBCC as a National Certified Counselor (NCC) since 2004. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Higher Education at Old Dominion University.
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