Webinar Proposal

NACADA is interested in engaging the global advising community in a timely, accessible way.  If you have a topic or idea that you think would make an engaging, informative live or on-demand webinar, you are invited to complete the form below and submit for consideration.

Submission Deadlines
March 1st  
for consideration for the following Spring Web Event line-up
December 1st  for consideration for the following Fall Web Event line-up

Information Required for Initial Proposal Submission

  • Proposed Topic / Theme 
  • Proposed Title
  • Description and Objectives 
  • Proposed format (presentation or panel)
  • Proposed presenter(s) information
  • Relevant professional and presentation experience of the proposed presenter(s)
  • Agreement to abide by NACADA's commercial policy and copyright policies

Additional Information that may be requested by the Webinar Production Team

  • Brief outline of program agenda
  • Key takeaways that potential attendees could start using right away that would help create interest in registration for this event
  • Related resources
  • Exercises or activities that might be used during the webinar 

Web Event Proposal Submission Form