NACADA Global Awards Program

Good advising, like good teaching, publication and research, needs to be recognized. NACADA believes a tangible reward system can be an enhancement to effective advising.

The goal of the NACADA Global Award Programs are to encourage wider support and recognition for academic advising in colleges and universities by providing an opportunity for recognition of outstanding advising. An ultimate outcome of these programs is to improve advising services for students.

A variety of awards, scholarships and grants are offered to NACADA members and others who have demonstrated excellence in advising, faculty advising, academic advising administration, leadership in the field, and graduate student accomplishments.


NACADA offers a variety of awards, scholarships or grants for all members of NACADA.

Please visit the Award and Scholarship Submission Instructions to begin your application.

Awards Deadlines:

The deadline for the receipt of nomination submission for most award categories is in early March each year. Please review the Awards Call for Nominations web page for the specific nomination deadlines for the current awards program. Retiree recognition forms are due in early June. There are two submission cycles for Research Grant Proposals during the year. Please visit the grant webpage to apply.

Awards Presentations:
Awards are presented at the annual NACADA Annual Conference held in the fall. The selection committee reserves the right to make no awards in a certain category.


Outstanding Advising Awards: Tips on Putting Together a Successful Nomination Packet

John Mortensen, Utah State University

Academic Advising Today (December 2005)

Sponsoring Organization

The National Academic Advising Association (NACADA), founded in 1979, promotes the quality of academic advising in institutions of higher education. NACADA is dedicated to the support and professional growth of academic advisors, administrators, and the advising profession. Through its publications and conferences, NACADA provides a forum for discussion, debate and the exchange of ideas regarding the role of advising in higher education.

Notice of Nondiscrimination

NACADA and Kansas State University are committed to nondiscrimination. Contact the Director of Affirmative Action, KSU, 214 Anderson Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506.