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The NACADA book reviews have long been a popular venue for association members who want to read and write. As of July 1, 2016 the NACADA book reviews are no longer buried within the NACADA Journal but have their own section of the NACADA website!  

Each year many books applicable to advising are published; no one advisor can read all, yet each book may contain information vital to the advisor's professional development. NACADA book reviews are one way NACADA members can efficiently choose which books to read. Additionally book reviews provide an entry point for new authors.

As a service, many publishers send the NACADA Executive Office books of interest to advisors. These books are made available to current NACADA members, free of charge, in exchange for a review. Find book selection information linked from the left column of this page. Please note that all reviewers must be current NACADA members and it must be at least one year since their last NACADA book review. 

When viewing the list of available books it is important to remember that NACADA members bring a variety of backgrounds to the advising of students. Likewise members are involved with advising in many different ways. Additionally, members represent a variety of institutional types. Because of this diversity, the books listed for review cover a wide range of fields. However diverse the members, one thing remains constant, the fact that NACADA highly encourages all members to contribute. We appreciate each NACADA member who takes the time to review a book. Without your efforts the reviews would not exist.

Completed reviews are copy edited to conform with APA style and posted to the book review's website.

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