NACADA Internship Connection Service

What is the Internship Connection Service?

The NACADA Internship Connection Service (ICS) provides assistance to:

  • graduate students seeking educational and/or research opportunities outside of their current master's or doctoral program.
  • higher education offices and programs seeking to benefit from the initiative, enthusiasm, and diverse perspectives of students from outside their institution.

The NACADA ICS provides incoming and current graduate students opportunities to connect with higher education institutions offering internships related to the field of Academic Advising. The purpose of the ICS is to enhance the learning experience opportunities for students, while offering mentoring opportunities for current advising professionals.

Goals of the ICS include showcasing educational opportunities, encouraging research, and promoting the development of effective academic advising practices.  Internships create opportunities for graduate students to have hands-on advising-related experience that they may not receive within their graduate program and allow both developing professionals and current advising professionals opportunities to explore and diversify their advising styles and expertise.

Please be aware that the ICS serves solely as a bridge to facilitate connections between institutions and students; NACADA makes no guarantees of placement or accommodations.

"This is the second year in which I have utilized the NACADA Internship Connection Service. The process is straight forward and yields an exceptional pool of graduate student interns. My first graduate intern became an invaluable member of our summer team and I expect the same to occur this year. More institutions need to start taking advantage of this program." -  Timothy S. Morse, Director, Academic Advising & Support, Student Success Center, SUNY Potsdam