For Institutions

Why Participate?

Participation in the Internship Connection Service provides professional development opportunities for faculty and staff members as well as the the interns who work for them.  The fresh perspective provided by an intern can often lead to creating new approaches to programs and projects. Having an extra set of hands on board can help lighten the load for faculty and staff, while providing a valuable learning experience for the Intern.

Requirements for Hosting Institutions

  • All host institutions must have at least one current NACADA member throughout the internship period.
  • The person who will supervise the intern should be named in the application process; applicants should know prior to accepting a position who they will work with.

Length of Internship

The internship period is determined by the host institution.

  • Summer internships are generally no more than 14 weeks in length, in the period May through August.
  • If the timing of the internship period is non-negotiable, this should be clearly stated in the application information.
  • When possible, the host institution is encouraged to work with interns to accommodate academic and other obligations, travel requirements, etc.


The compensation package is determined by the host institution. It is recommended that all compensation packages include, at minimum:

  • A stipend
  • Provision or coordination of room/board

When possible, host institutions are encouraged to provide enhanced compensation packages with additional benefits, such as parking or local transportation incentives, recreation center usage, travel reimbursement, etc.

Housing Considerations

Host Institutions should be prepared to answer the following questions for prospective Interns:

  • What are my housing options?
  • Will I live on or off campus?  With a Host?
  • Will I be involved with ResLife?
  • Will I have roommate(s)?
  • Will I need transportation? What transportation is available? Will I need to bring or plan to rent a car?
  • Do I need to notify anyone of my dietary restrictions/preferences? 
  • Will I need to plan to pay for food, or will it be provided by the Institution?