Why Do An Internship?

Internships can be valuable in a number of ways. They can provide opportunities to build on current skills, develop new skills, build a professional network, and find new perspective on professional goals and possibilities. Internships are also valuable resume builders for budding professionals. The experience gained through an internship can set an applicant apart from peers when applying for that first job.

When considering the descriptions of potential internships, keep both short-term and long-term goals in mind. The descriptions are designed to give potential applicants insight as to whether this opportunity will be a good fit.  Before applying for an internship, consider whether it has elements to fit with your goal objectives.

Have questions or comments? Email us at nacada@ksu.edu with the subject line "Internship Question".


Explore the tabs on the left for resources on resumes, cover letters, interview skills, and more. Don't be afraid to ask your academic advisor or mentor(s) for help or advice when applying for internship opportunities. Applying for internships is great practice for future jobs and opportunities.

Application Submission

If you are a current or incoming graduate student and would like to apply for an internship, please fill out the following pdf and send it, along with resume and cover letter(s), to nacada@ksu.edu with the subject line "Internship Application".  Students may apply for up to three internships.

Internship Application Form