Supplemental Article Archive

The purpose of the NACADA Journal Supplemental Article Archive is to make available electronically supplemental materials directly related to articles published in the NACADA Journal.

Supplemental Articles:

  • Torres, V., Reiser, A., LePeau, L., Davis, L., & Ruder, J. (2006). Case Studies Supporting the Development of a Model of First-Generation Latino/a College Students' Approach to Seeking Academic Information.  Case studies . See full article, A Model of First-Generation Latino/a College Students’ Approach to Seeking Academic Information, in NACADA Journal26(2): 65-70 and linked from . 

  • Moore, K. (2006). Introduction to Spreadsheet for Advising Students about Their Chances of Meeting Required GPA Standards.  SeeNACADA Journal 26(2): 39-47. Abstract . Spreadsheet . (Note: you will need Microsoft Excel installed on your computer to access this file.)