NACADA maintains many LISTSERV lists for global discussions of academic advising issues. Most lists are available to both NACADA members and non-members.  Subscribers are encouraged to use these lists for discussion and to ask informal questions. Many subscribers seek similar advising programs for benchmarking; guidelines for such postings can be found at

Note: To join a NACADA list, click on any links of interest below and follow the directions for subscribing to and unsubscribing from the lists.NACADA does not provide automatic enrollment to its LISTSERV® lists. 

NACADA lists cannot be used for commercial purposes of any type. LISTSERV members who send messages for commercial purposes will be immediately removed from all lists. 

Individuals may not post research-related surveys to the NACADA LISTSERV lists.  An individual wishing to distribute a research-related survey with or involving NACADA members, such as a data-gathering tool for a dissertation, thesis, or other project, must follow the NACADA-Research Committee Reviewed and Approved Surveys Guidelines. Individuals who violate this policy will be removed from NACADA LISTSERV lists. Subscribers are always encouraged to seek informal advice on the lists, especially the Research list, to discuss critical issues related to advising.  The Research Committee approves up to four member surveys for distribution each year; these are clearly noted as “NACADA Research Committee reviewed and approved for distribution.”

Note: Messages sent via NACADA lists are limited to a total size of 10 megabytes, including the message itself. Oversized messages will be rejected. To share oversized files with other subscribers, you will need to post it on your institution's web or ftp site and provide a link, or ask colleagues to contact you individually to request that the information be sent to them directly on hard media.