Academic Advising Approaches Companion Resources

This helpful webpage offers additional material to supplement the book Academic Advising Approaches: Strategies That Teach Students to Make the Most of College. These resources include:

To access these resources, click on the chapter title in the table of contents below to be directed to the resource page for that chapter.

Table of Contents

Foundations of Academic Advising Practice

Advising Strategies to Support Student Learning Success: Linking Theory and Philosophy With Intentional Practice

Ezekiel Kimball and Susan M. Campbell

Advising as Teaching and the Advisor as Teacher in Theory and in Practice
Jayne K. Drake

Learning-Centered Advising
Maura M. Reynolds

Developmental Academic Advising
Thomas J. Grites

A New Light: Viewing the Practice of Academic
Advising From Different Perspectives

Motivational Interviewing: Helping Advisors Initiate Change in Student Behaviors
Judy Hughey and Robert Pettay

Appreciative Advising
Jennifer L. Bloom, Bryant L. Hutson, and Ye He

Strengths-Based Advising
Laurie A. Schreiner

Academic Advising Informed by Self-authorship Theory
Janet K. Schulenberg

Proactive Advising
Jennifer Varney

Advising as Coaching
Jeffrey McClellan

A New Lens: Applying Theories From Other Disciplines
to the Practice of Academic Advising

The Application of Constructivism and Systems Theory to Academic Advising
Terry Musser and Frank Yoder

Socratic Advising
Janet M. Spence and Nora A. Scobie

Understanding and Interpretation: A Hermeneutic Approach to Advising
Sarah Champlin-Scharff and Peter L. Hagen

A New Path: Envisioning the Future
of Academic Advising

Envisioning the Future
Marc Lowenstein