Advising International Chinese Students:Issues, Strategies, and Practices

*Chapter 1 Identity-Shaping Factors: Social, Cultural, and Educational Background

*The Chinese Social and Cultural Context of Education


  • Confucian Ethics
    Chinese Ethics  Retrieved from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Meritocracy and Social Mobility



Collectivist Values, Hierarchy, and Authority

Memorizing and Understanding

Parental Authority

Competition and Examinations

Secondary Education Curriculum


Sociocultural Dynamics


Chapter 2 The Academic Transition: The Need to Reorganize Priorities

Deciding to Study In the United States



Look for Documentary “Imported From China” a 30 minute film that follows several Chinese international Students through their experiences in American Universities, and the American culture. Created by Geri Zeldes and Troy Hale from Michigan State

A Strong Focus on Academics 

Differing Perspectives on Academic Difficulty

English Language Comprehension


The Complex Nature of Second Language Proficiency

Language as a Pattern of Thinking

Chinese Students and Advising, Resources and Academic Exploration

Chapter 3 Learning A New Culture


A Shift in Values


Cross-Cultural Challenges


Curricular Experiences



  • International Orientations
    Orientation Retrieved from Michigan State University

Preparation for Life After College 




Chapter 4 Recommendations for Academic Advisors

Flexible Academic Guidance


Developing Intercultural Competence




Professional Development Ideas for Enhancing Cultural Mentoring


  • Building small group development, including international and national students comfortably.
    Strangers in a Strange Land Retrieved From Inside HigherEd

Intercultural Advising About Resources



Individual Backgrounds Matter




Chapter 5 Policy Implications

Facilitating Institution-wide Professional Partnership


Supporting English Language Preparation



Creating Opportunities for Cultural Immersion and Designing Courses



Encouraging Peer Mentoring



  • How to build peer mentoring for international students
    Peer Advisors Retrieved from Office of Global Programs Columbia University
  • Encourage mentoring in the classroom
    Cross Cultural  Retrieved From University of Pittsburgh

Affirming Academic Integrity


Faculty Members as Mentors and Sources of Extra Help


Engaging Parents




Additional Resources


U.S Classroom Culture Retrieved From Association for International Education (NAFSA) 

Using Appreciative Advising With International Students Retrieved from The Mentor


Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Dragon?: Why China Has the Best (and Worst) Education System in the World By Yong Zhao

Confucian Philosophy: Innovations and Transformations By Chung Ying Cheng

Ethnicity in China: A Critical Introduction Xiaowei Zang





(*) Chapter Titles are in bold, subsections are underlined and Italicized